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Frequently Asked Questions

→ What is Jesus for a New Generation?

Jesus for a New Generation is a way for you to connect to and support Youth, either around the corner or around the Globe. By sponsoring events, evangelism, or building projects, you can provide resources for Youth Ministries, allowing them to grow and impact the world for the Kingdom of God.


→ Who can get involved in this program?

Anyone and everyone can participate in giving. You can sponsor a project as an individual, as a Youth Group, or as a Church family.


→ Why should I get involved?

Ministry in a Global society requires a Global Church connected to local needs. The money you raise directly impacts the work of Youth Ministries around the world. This program provides the opportunity for you to contribute to and support the Ministry of Youth. This is an opportunity for you to make an impact!


→ How do I get involved in the program?

Click on Sponsor a Project and choose a project that fits your budget! Choose your payment method Donate by Check or Donate Online. Although you are free to choose any project for sponsorship, the Church of the Nazarene has separated the world Regions into Partner/Sister Regions so that each world Region has support from a USA/Canada Region. It provides both Regions with prayer partners and increases communication that otherwise wouldn't be in existence. The use of Partner/Sister Regions for Jesus for a New Generation projects is not mandatory, but it is encouraged.The current Partner/Sister Regions are:

Africa / Eastern USA / East Central USA

Asia-Pacific / North Central USA / Northwest USA

Eurasia / Southwest USA

Mesoamerica/ Canada / South Central USA

South America / Central USA / South East USA

Or you can click on Start a Project and submit a need-based project in your own youth ministry. If you have any questions please email JFANG@nazarene.org


→ How can I start a new project?

Starting a new Jesus for a New Generation project is easier than ever!

1. Download the Submit a Project Form.
2. Upon completion, please mail (or scan and E-mail) the form to your District NYI President.
3. The project form will need to have the approval from the District NYI President, the Field Youth Coordinator, the Field Strategy Coordinator, the Regional President, the Regional Youth Coordinator, and the Regional Director.
4. Upon receiving these approvals, please E-mail the document to JFANG@nazarene.org or mail the project form to:

Church of the Nazarene
Attn: NYI/ Jesus for a New Generation
17001 Prairie Star Parkway
Lenexa, KS USA 66220

5. The project will then be given to the Global NYI Director for approval.
6. Once a project has received the proper approvals, the project will be posted on-line for sponsorship.
7. Once posted, you will receive notification when your project has been sponsored or is approaching expiration.


→ How can I raise the money for a project?

Be creative! Get your entire church involved! Make flyers for your project and pass them out at Church, or even in the community. E-mail and/or call your family and friends and ask for donations. Have a donation meal at Church (provide a meal after service and ask for donations). Conduct car washes. Get other local Churches involved, letting them know what your project is for. Have a Youth talent show and ask for a door donation. Make a skit to express the need from your project. At the end, explain that it is a real need and that you are taking donations for the project. For more ideas, or if you have questions or concerns, please E-mail JFANG@nazarene.org.


→ Where do I send the money once I have sponsored the project?

Because of the different structures in the Global Mission Regions, each region has a different method of submitting funds. Please click the region you live in for further instructions.


→ How can I download brochures?

To download a copy of the Jesus for a New Generation brochure, click here.


→ Where can I view the current project list?

To view the current project list, click here.


→ How can I submit my story?

To submit your pictures and descriptions of how your life has been changed by a Jesus for a New Generation project, either as a sponsor or a recipient, click here.


→ How can I contact someone about Jesus for a New Generation?

Our contact information is:
Jesus for a New Generation
17001 Prairie Star Parkway
Lenexa, KS 66220


Phone: 913-577-0500 ex. 2540
Fax: 913-577-0862
E-mail: JFANG@nazarene.org