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Stories Made Possible by the World Evangelism Fund

In 2013, 87.2% of World Evangelism Fund giving went to field ministries and 12.8% went to mission support and delivery. To learn about the fund’s impact, check out these stories about individuals who chose to give back because of how much God gave them.

I Ca (Isaac)


I Ca would not have been able to receive an education beyond grade 4 had it not been for the Maetang Tribal Children’s
Home (MTCH). Through this ministry, I Ca graduated high school and was able to continue on to Phayao Bible Seminary.
He is now ministering at MTCH out of thankfulness for the way it impacted his life.


In 1984, Samuel Yangmi recognized a real need in his area of Northern Thailand. Tribal villages were located high in the northern mountains, and it was often difficult for tribal children to attend Thai schools in order to obtain a quality education ...

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During his childhood in Guyana, Shawn found Christ at a small church started by Nazarene missionaries. Years later when he moved to the U.S., Shawn was amazed to see how much those missionaries had given up to come serve in his home country. He wanted to give as generously as they had, so when he saw the terrible condition of his childhood church, he set out to raise the money necessary to renovate it.

Cracks in the wall. A rotting ceiling. A single bathroom no longer fit for use.

Shawn Balkaran gazed around his home church in Bush Lot, Guyana, and his mind rushed back to his childhood. He remembered being a 9- or 10-year-old and helping the other members to shape concrete blocks and put them in the sun to dry as they built their first church building.

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Despite her unwillingness, God had plans for Zhaneta that were far greater than her own. Though she originally wanted to pursue a career in chemistry, God’s prompting led her to minister full-time at a school for Roma children in Bulgaria. Now, Zhaneta’s reluctance is gone, and she is thankful for her call to ministry.


If Zhaneta Georgieva’s life is a lesson in anything, it’s that you should never say “never.” The young Bulgarian woman had said that there were three things she would never do ...

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When Melodie was just 14, she started a Christian radio program for children all over the island of Madagascar. She wanted to
tell other children like her about God’s gift of eternal life, because she was so grateful for Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. Through
her radio program, Melodie is able to reach people who would otherwise never hear the Word of God.


To download Melodie's video, click here.

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