Stories Videos: Volume 3 - 2014

Past Volumes

Fishers of Men

In Recife, Brazil, traditional door-to-door evangelism is no longer practical. Pastor Rubens Rodrigues set out to reach people by using technology and media to solve the problem.
(Also available in Spanish and Portuguese)

Generation for Christ

In Nashville, Tennessee, Pastor Howard Plummer accepted the challenge to make a difference and invest in a generation for 10 years. Hermitage Church of the Nazarene’s acceptance of the 10-year Covet a Generation challenge has defined who they are.

Resurrections: Billy's Story

As a teenager, Billy’s life revolved around his desire for drugs and alcohol. All that changed when friends invited him to Rowenas Church of the Nazarene. (Also available in Korean)

Taxi for Christ

When Jesus reached out to Hadi, he witnessed a joy he had never experienced before. Learn how Hadi’s life changed and how he is making an impact for Christ in Beruit, Lebanon.

Answering a Need

Sol M. Rodriguez explains how a church’s outreach met a need in the region. For 69 years, Maria Reina of Panama City, Panama, was illiterate until the church answered a call to teach literacy.

Reaching North Park

Three pastors from Genesis Church of the Nazarene in North Park, San Diego, endeavored to reach people who have no heart for church. Learn how Genesis Church takes a non-traditional approach to reach their neighborhood and instill a need to live the way of Jesus.

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