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Church of the Nazarene Offering for World Evangelism

leader's guide

The Leaders Guide is a potential planning schedule for effective use of the Generosity Unlimited resources. By looking at the resources and starting early, you might find that members of your congregation look forward to what each week has in store as you prayerfully move toward the 2014 Easter offering.

Download the guide


Choose from two video options to promote the Church of the Nazarene's annual Easter Offering for the World Evangelism Fund.

New Life Easter Offering Video - 1
Download the Video

New Life Easter Offering Video - 2
Download the Video

print resources

All In One
All resources in one download. This file is a large zip file, so If you have a slow internet connection, you may have more success downloading the resources individually.

Color and white logos.

You can choose from one of two poster styles in this file.

Bulletin Inserts
You can use either of these bulletin inserts in your church.

You can print these bookmarks 5 per sheet to pass out in your church.

Children's Activity Sheet
Color, maze, and word search.

Powerpoint show you can use in your services.

Sermon Help
Sermon — “New Life”

Easter 2014 offering envelopes are available through the Nazarene Publishing House (at no cost to churches). Order now by calling 1-800-877-0700 or by visiting their website.

A 10-pack of Children's Quarter Collectors are available through Nazarene Publishing House for $9.99. Order now by calling 1-800-877-0700 or by visiting their website.

We will be happy to print and ship free of charge any of these resources to any church that has challenges getting these materials printed for themselves. Please contact the office of Advancement and Development (advancement@nazarene.org / 1-913-577-2710).

Questions? Comments? Feedback? Email us or call 800.544.8413.

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